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Beautifying Your Home

We all want to have a beautiful home we can be proud of and enjoy.  This includes the outside of our home where we can go and relax and enjoy the days soaking up the sun or evenings enjoying the night air.  However, one of those things that could really ruin our time are mosquitoes.  For many, these insects really just make us change our entire routine and way of life.  Fortunately, we have mosquito treatment in Alexandria that is very effective to get rid of these pests.

Cutting the grass

mosquito treatment in Alexandria

You want to keep your grass cut and maintained.  When we cut the grass, we are ensuring that water can’t collect, insects can’t breed or hide causing damage to us or our environment.  The grass should be kept at the same level every week so approximately every seven days it needs to be cut gain.

Trimming bushes

Next to keeping the grass cut you want to make sure the bushes are trimmed.  The bushes should look full and luscious but not overgrown.  You want them to look healthy.  When we trim the bushes, we are keeping shade at a minimum which is where most mosquitoes like to hang out and breed.

Trash removed

You want to remove trash from the yard and surrounding areas. The trash not only looks ugly, but it also is a place where water can collect.  If water can collect, then mosquitoes can have a place to lay their eggs.  If they lay their eggs, then we get more and more mosquitoes


We want to spray our yards.  We want to spray fertilizer to that our grass and flowers will grow.  We want to spray chemicals that are safe for the environment but harmful for mosquitoes.  When we spray, we are putting a final barrier of protection around us that will ensure our yards are mosquito safe.